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Current Practices in Attendance Management

Webinar Description

This webinar provides health care managers with current information about processes and tools used to effectively manage employee attendance. Learners will also gain awareness of collective agreement requirements and current case law regarding attendance and absenteeism.

Webinar Goals

After completing this web session, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Describe the underlying principles and key elements of an effective attendance management program
  • Explain the legal requirements for creating and implementing an attendance program within a unionized environment
  • Describe the four steps of an effective process for managing employee absenteeism
  • Explain the legal requirements for dismissing an employee for non-culpable absenteeism (Raven Lumber)
  • Describe key cases in attendance management and the lessons learned from the decisions

This course is offered as a 2.5 hour webinar.

Course Outline

Current Practices in Attendance Management webinar