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At a glance

• 1,500 employees
• 960 FTEs
• 43.9 years = average age
• $94,100 per year = average compensation including benefits of a full-time physiotherapist

There are 1,500 physiotherapists in BC’s public health sector who work with patients to promote the mobility, functional ability and movement potential in remediation of impairments and disabilities. Physiotherapy is often used as part of post-injury rehabilitation, chronic pain or illness treatment plan. 

The combined total straight-time (not including overtime) hours of work is equivalent to 960 full-time employees. The majority of physiotherapists work in acute care facilities (71.4 per cent) and community mental health services (10.8 per cent).

Grade I Physiotherapists account for 56.7 per cent of total physiotherapist full-time equivalents (FTEs).

FTE and employee trend 2008-2013

FTE and employee trend

The average age of a physiotherapist is 43.9 years, which is more than it was in 2009 (43.4 years). Approximately 24.6 per cent of physiotherapists are now 55 years or older, an increase from 2009 when 22.6 per cent of physiotherapists were 55 years or older.

Employees by Age Group (2009 vs. 2013)


Wages and benefits
The average annual compensation for one full-time physiotherapist is $94,100 or $50.07 per hour, including wages and benefits. Since 2005, physiotherapist’s wages have increased by 16.5 per cent while the rate of inflation (BC Consumer Price Index) during this period was 10.0 per cent.

Wage Settlements vs. Inflation (BC CPI 2005-2013)


Compensation breakdown for a full-time physiotherapist (2013)


Overtime and sick leave
Over the past five years, physiotherapists have worked an average of less than one-quarter hour of overtime per week. Paid sick leave for physiotherapists have decreased by half a day over the past five years.

Overtime and sick leave

Last updated: 26-11-2014